Reconnect with your Values, Strengths and Interests

Ideal for many purposes: insights into your career development, aspects to consider if you are considering a career change or to get ready for a job search, to help you make better decisions and to build your confidence. All with a wellbeing aspect integrated.

I wish I had this kind of support when I was feeling unfulfilled and lost in my previous career! I did this exercise again recently and my confidence skyrocketed! And I felt it was a great confirmation that I’m in my ideal career. This gave me the inspiration for this product – to support you if you may be feeling lost and have disconnected from what makes you so valuable in the workplace.


Strong Interest Inventory® online career assessment + Report


VIA Character Strengths online survey + PRO Report


4 x 60 minute sessions OR 1 x 4 hour half-day intensive


5 Downloadable workbooks


Implementation plan


Follow up email


Let’s break down a little about each aspect and what you can expect once you’ve reconnected with them…


Are your personal code of conduct. Knowing what your personal values are can help you to understand what motivates and fulfils you, and therefore can guide your behaviours, decisions and actions to be aligned with who you really are, and help you reach your goals. You’ll do an exercise to determine your values in your workbook and we’ll work together to refine them and make sure they resonate with you.


This is a big module. You’ll complete the VIA Character Strengths survey, which is based on Positive Psychology – the science of wellbeing – and your 24 character strengths will be revealed. When you know and use your strengths, benefits can be: higher levels of positivity and engagement, improved relationships, more meaning and more success. We’ll work together to develop strategies so you can implement your strengths more consistently at work (and reap all the benefits!). We’ll also look back together at your previous achievements and unpack how you contributed to them, thereby revealing more about your strengths and how you can strategically apply them to create more success in the future.


You’ll complete the Strong Interest Inventory assessment, which gives a very good indication of different aspects of occupations, specific jobs and working styles that are most interesting for you. We’ll then work together to refine which interests you’d like to bring with you for your next career steps.

Benefits include:


Getting to know yourself better and understanding what intrinsically motivates you


Building your confidence


Faster and clearer decision-making


Improved wellbeing


Better performance at work (and therefore a benefit for your employer too!)

Here’s what to expect from the Reconnect with your Values, Strengths and Interests Package:


You can decide if you’d prefer 4 separate weekly / fortnightly sessions or a half-day intensive


Before we meet, you will have some work to do to make the most out of this experience! I’ll ask you to send me your overall goals for this package. I’ll also send you both the Strong and VIA assessments, and your reports once you’ve completed them


Before each session, you can download and work through specific workbooks on the content that we’ll be covering together


In the first session, we’ll define and refine your personal values


In the second and third sessions, we’ll discuss your assessment results and hone in on your interests and strengths


In your fourth session, we’ll bring all your results together, look at some sustainable wellbeing practices to support you and define an implementation plan


And as a final step, you’ll receive an email from me a couple of weeks after your last session, for accountability and to check in how you are progressing with your implementation

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