Focused, capable & confident



Rachel, an HR leader who’s based in London, came to me with the following challenges:

– Lack of confidence in her professional credibility
– Fear of making significant changes to her working life
– A lack of drive and positivity in relation to taking the next professional step
– A lack of knowledge or a sense of not knowing what her next steps needed to be

Coaching Approach

Aspects that we covered together included:


character strengths, using the VIA survey and report


personal branding


confidence, including reflection of impact and achievements


measurement of wellbeing, using the PERMA assessment, both before and after coaching


and introduction of new approaches to support with confident decision-making.

In Rachel’s words….

How often/long did you work with Kelly?

4 months – July – October 2019 (7 sessions in total)

What do you think would have been the implications of not dealing with your challenges? And how would you be in 2 -5 years if you had not invested in coaching to deal with those challenges?

Staying stuck in a rut – not making the changes that I’ve been wanted to make for such a long time but have been too scared to make.

What (if anything) had you previously been doing to address those challenges? What (if any) alternative options did you try before working with Kelly and how did that work out for you? 

Over the years I have changed jobs a number of times in the hope that the next job would be the thing that ‘fixed’ everything! It never was…

What has/have been the result(s)? How would you describe the outcome?

Working with Kelly has been amazing for me. Kelly is open and so easy to talk to and be honest with. She has used positive psychology skilfully to enable me to make a significant mindset shift and through helpful exercises and powerful questioning and reflection techniques she has rebuilt my confidence and given me the self-belief I needed to take the next step in my career. I don’t feel stuck anymore!

What specific techniques / strategies did Kelly use that helped you the most? (eg. positive psychology interventions, assessments, other exercises, useful resources, her personality, her accountability check-ins, etc…)?

Goal setting
Confidence exercises
Developing my niche and key messaging
Identifying my successes and strengths
Ted Talks
Recommended connections

How would you describe the impact that coaching has had on your life?

Coaching with Kelly has been instrumental in enabling me to make really significant changes to my life, my work and most importantly my mindset. As a result of our coaching I now feel capable and confident and I truly value my strengths. My sessions with Kelly gave me a sharp focus on what actions I needed to take and gave me the motivation and momentum to take them. Between sessions Kelly was incredibly supportive and the gentle way she regularly checks in has helped me stay on track and maintain focus between our sessions. It also made me feel truly supported and believed in. Thank you so much Kelly!

How did you discover Kelly and what made you sign up with her?

I discovered Kelly’s website through my interest in positive psychology and coaching. I got in touch to tell her how fantastic I thought her website and branding was and Kelly was incredibly kind to me and spent time talking to me about her experience and her journey. I felt a connection to her immediately and it was this that made me sign up for coaching.

What (if anything) was different about Kelly compared to other coaches you had considered (if any)? 

The positive psychology approach was different from other coaches I have worked with or considered. I also really identified with her purpose and her personal career journey.

Is there anything else you would like to say about working with Kelly? 

Kelly has a really relaxed style, she puts you at ease and uses questioning really skilfully – she can challenge you to think differently whilst always being supportive and non-judgemental. She also has a gorgeous dog

What would you say to someone who’s unsure about whether to work with Kelly?

Don’t hesitate – do it, you will be grateful!

Would you like to know more?

I’d like to invite you to a free Skype Consultation to hear about what’s bringing you to coaching, and talk about how we can work together to create the solutions that you are looking for.