Coaching Packages

I offer tailored packages from 3 months for your leadership & career development or career challenges. Your investment starts from *1800CHF ($1807US as of 28 October 19) and packages include:


30-minute initial consultation

This is where you can share your goals, make sure we are the right fit to work together and discuss the best package or product to meet your needs.


VIA Character Strengths assessment and PRO report

This tool that’s based on positive psychology identifies your best qualities and allows us to develop strategies for applying your strengths to ultimately support you to thrive at work and in all areas of your life.


Three-month wellbeing plan

When our sessions come to a close, I’ll create for you a personalised, evidence-based toolkit that I like to think of as a guide for thriving! This toolkit addresses each PERMAH wellbeing pillar: Positive emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, Accomplishment, Health; and consists of enjoyable and easy to implement activities that you can call on to ensure your wellbeing remains balanced.


Customised materials and resources

Based on your individual requirements, I’ll provide you with positive psychology-based exercises, worksheets and other resources to support your development and help you move towards your goals.


Unlimited SMS and email access between sessions

This is to offer you ongoing feedback and support with accountability, and for you to regularly share your progress and successes.


Short phone call between sessions

I’m available for you if you have a challenge you’d like to solve quickly or have exciting progress to share with me.

Find Out More

For more details about Coaching Packages, including pricing, please feel free to get in touch.

Client Feedback

Coaching with Kelly has been instrumental in enabling me to make really significant changes to my life, my work and most importantly my mindset. As a result of our coaching I now feel capable and confident and I truly value my strengths.

Rachel, UK

Kelly’s whole approach really helped me. This was a combination of positive psychology interventions, learning meditative techniques, finding routines to boost overall wellbeing as well accountability check-ins. Her positivity throughout has also been wonderful.

Nina, Switzerland

As we have regularly revisited my goals I have been able to see a clear progression and having a safe environment to talk things through has led me to my own lightbulb moment. I feel that in the final few sessions everything has become very clear and I know what I need to do to move forward.

Melanie, UK

My happiness at work was very much out of balance with the rest of my life and I feel Kelly’s support has helped massively to address that.

Neil, UK

Would you like to know more?

I’d like to invite you to a free Skype Consultation to hear about what’s bringing you to coaching, and talk about how we can work together to create the solutions that you are looking for.