For Organisations

For a long time, I’ve been fascinated by what organisations can do to ensure a positive working experience for their employees.

In my previous career, I worked for more than 15 years within large international companies and during this time managed effective communication and engagement strategies and campaigns, designed to encourage and support employees to give their best. Topics I’ve worked on include leadership behaviours, corporate strategy, quality improvement, diversity & inclusion and health & safety.

I am very pleased to be able to take the knowledge that I’ve gained from my experience in the corporate environment and apply it on an individual level, where both leaders and employees obtain the strategies, tools and knowledge needed to be positively engaged in the workplace.

Coaching Products

I offer mid-career professionals customised 1-1 coaching packages for their leadership & career development or career challenges.

Assessment Services

I hold the BPS verified Test User: Occupational Ability qualification and can run assessments for recruitment and further development.

Consulting Services

In addition to assessments and coaching, I also support organisations to build strong and engaged teams through my consulting services.

Coaching Products

Developmental coaching

to help a newlyappointed leader to develop and implement their authentic leadership style in a new role;

Performance coaching

to support an employee to achieve optimal results;

Transitional coaching

to prepare for adjustments to new work and culture contexts;

Wellbeing coaching

to develop strategies to mitigate high stress levels that an employee may be experiencing.

Why should you work with me?

8 Benefits for individuals

Here are some of the valuable results that my coaching clients have reported:


Seeing their challenges from a new and more manageable perspective.


Having a better understanding of their strengths and how best to apply them.


Noticeable improvements to their confidence, self-esteem and self-worth.


Reaching, or even exceeding, their personal goals and expectations.


Being able to make faster and more confident decisions.


Enriched and harmonious relationships.


Greater productivity and efficiency.


Overall, feeling more balanced, fulfilled and happy in all areas of their lives.

8 Benefits for your organisation

And here are some advantages of coaching that your organisation can benefit from:


Increased levels of productivity and a high-performance culture.


Employees who are better able to manage change.


Maximising the potential of employees.


Improved relationships and reduced levels of conflict.


Increased employee engagement levels.


A greater emphasis on a culture of creativity and problem-solving.


Reduced work-related stress, absences and turnover.


Overall Improved organisational performance.

Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology

I hold a post-graduate certificate in Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology from the University of East London and am working towards my MSc. In this degree, I’m learning the latest innovative psychological theory and research related to wellbeing and coaching, as well as receiving training and supervision in advanced coaching methods.

Positive psychology is the science of human flourishing, and applying it can support us to thrive in all aspects of our lives. That’s why it goes so perfectly with coaching.

This integrated approach equips me with the knowledge and science-based tools to support my clients to, for example, develop meaningful goals, become more resilient, maximise their strengths, increase their self-confidence and improve their wellbeing.


Our sessions can be by Skype or FaceTime, meaning you don’t need to spend time travelling to appointments, as well as giving you flexibility wherever you may be in the world.

I can open my schedule in the evening or on weekend by request.


I’m continually striving to ensure the standard of service that I provide to my clients is of the highest quality, so I regularly request feedback on my coaching services to maintain this standard of excellence and work regularly with a qualified coaching supervisor. 

I’m also an affiliate member of the International Society for Coaching Psychology and am committed to working in accordance with their Code of Ethics. 

Ability and Aptitude Assessment Services

I hold the BPS verified Test User: Occupational Ability qualification. This gives me the competence to run assessments for recruitment and further development.

 The tools that I have access to and am qualified to implement are:


ABLE® Series


Saville Consulting Aptitude assessments


Strong Interest Inventory® assessment

Consulting Services

In addition to offering assessments and coaching services for individuals, I also support organisations to improve their employees’ wellbeing and build strong and engaged teams through my evidence-based consulting services.

And for more details on my experience, please visit the FAQ or my LinkedIn profile.

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