Developing Strengths Strategies

Ideal for discovering your best qualities and developing strategies to implement your strengths more consistently at work.


VIA Character Strengths online survey + PRO Report




1 x 60 minute call


Action Plan


1 x 20 minute call


Benefits include:

The VIA Survey has been developed by psychologists and social scientists and is based on theories of positive psychology – “…the scientific study of the strengths that enable individuals and communities to thrive.” (University of Penn)

The 24 VIA character strengths are the pathways to each of the 5 areas of well-being according to Dr Martin Seligman’s PERMA model. Implementing your highest strengths can lead to:


More positive emotion


More engagement


Better relationships


More meaning


More accomplishments

Here’s what to expect from Developing Strengths Strategies:


30-minute initial consultation

We’ll either start with a Consultation, so that you can share with me your current challenge and I can explain how the VIA Character Strengths survey works. Or perhaps you already know that you’d like to do the survey, and once you’ve made your payment, I’ll send you your login details by email.


The VIA Character Strengths survey

The VIA Character Strengths survey takes about 15 minutes and you will be doing it online.

The Survey defines our innate core character strengths and is thus different from our talent strengths (innate abilities), interests (what we like to do), skills (proficiencies we develop), and strengths of resources (external supports).


Customised materials and resources

Once you’ve completed the assessment, I’ll send you your comprehensive report, which details: insights into your core Signature Strengths; the latest research about each of your Signature Strengths; tips on how to dial up your Signature Strengths; a ranked list of all of your 24 strengths as well as a workbook to support you in reflecting on your results.


Strategy session & follow-up call

Finally, during your 60 minute strategy session we’ll discuss your results, work together on an action plan to move you forward and I’ll check in on your progress with a 20 minute call a few weeks later.

Book Your Session

If you’re ready to go ahead with the Developing Strengths Strategies package, simply click below to purchase and book your session. Otherwise please don’t hesitate to book a free consultation to discuss your needs with Kelly.