What My Clients Are Saying

A lovely positive session that really helps the client to move forwards and see herself from a different and really engaged perspective.

While it is a session that really goes deep, there is also a lightness to it, and a sense of humour – you show an empathetic and sympathetic coaching presence. University of East London Instructor feedback - Distinction grade earned

After my discovery session with Kelly, I was already convinced that I could benefit from our coaching partnership. Kelly has this natural tone of voice which calms me down, which makes me slow down my inner dialogue, and push me forward to think, to really question myself, and then to get the awareness I need to make the good decisions.

She asked powerful questions, she is really skilled to ask the one single question that enables me to slightly switch my perspective on the issue, or what I called a weakness, and it changes my entire perception. She’s professional at any time, and she inspires trust.

She has coached me when I was launching my business, and I really liked the way she could adapt her coaching to blend it with brainstorming.

I would definitely recommend Kelly as a leadership coach. Sophie, Scotland

Kelly has a highly calming presence. I can turn up to a session flustered and all over the place and emerge returned to myself – centred, focused and recharged. She has a way of asking questions that lead me to resolve issues and problems for myself, without feeling like I’ve had to work through drama.

She also has a way of making me feel normal at times when I feel anything but. Sometimes I think and feel like only I have problem X or feeling Y. Kelly provides the reality-check I need. She is able to hold space for all the emotions that come flooding out in a session and brings clarity and peace to the situation. She merges business and life coaching to deal holistically with the issue at hand.

As a working mother I know Kelly understands and relates to the specific challenges I face. She has her feet firmly in reality but stands still for me to pursue my dreams and find a way to make them happen. I can only recommend her. Sarah, Switzerland

Being coached by Kelly has been an inspiring experience. I have grown with her and learned about myself thanks to her questions which provided breakthrough moments in the way I can reach my goals, both in my personal & professional life.

What I really love about Kelly is her kind, gentle and calm nature. For an energetic person like me, talking to her is soothing and heartening. I felt that I was taken care of and I feel today that I can go back to her anytime to talk about any kind of issue and she will be of great help to me. I thank Kelly for the wonderful sessions together, and would not doubt to recommend her to any client. Arantza, Netherlands

Rarely do you meet someone with whom you connect with as instantly and as deeply as I did with Kelly. Kelly consistently drives each session with ease and purposefully forward to reach the objectives set. She has a unique sense of warmth, empathy and calm and it is clear, that the only person who matters to her in that moment is you. The outcome is a deeply trusting relationship.

Kelly asks powerful and meaningful questions which dig deep in to the root of the matter. She observes the details and she has the ability to remind you of your strengths at the right time and point out disempowering beliefs when purposeful to the topic. The coaching with Kelly has had a long-lasting impact on me in finding my inner strength, gaining new insights, seeing new possibilities, finding new techniques and has helped me tremendously in the confidence that I needed to start my own business.

Every session with Kelly left me with a positive mind-set and a sense of empowerment and I will, without a doubt, come back to Kelly in the future when new challenges arise. Mette, Netherlands

I recently had a challenging decision to make about a job offer and requested a coaching session with Kelly. A few months before, I had some coaching that was provided by my employer and was not really convinced of the concept, but gave it a try again with Kelly. And it was a great experience! She allowed our conversation to be completely directed by my immediate need and all her insights helped me to analyse and get clarity on the situation I was facing. Well invested time!

Joanna, Switzerland

As the sales coach for a bank in Singapore, I am involved in working with many trainers and coaches. However, your patience and ability to listen and understand sets you apart from many other trainers that I know.

 I absolutely love your approach in giving me assignments to complete in my coaching sessions with you. Such assignments ensure every coaching session is valuable whereby more time is spent after the coaching session to ponder about issues raised during the coaching sessions.

 From understanding my values, in which you painstakingly listen to my life stories and anecdotes, you help me understand my life purpose. I have a better understanding about myself after each session with you which translated to greater happiness and greater confidence.

 I also love your approach, your tonality and your ever welcoming warm voice, it always sets me at ease to think deeper beyond surface conversation only. I have never thought of doing up my dream board but you spur me on and encourage me to do so and after doing it, it sets me in perspective of what I want to achieve this lifetime, beyond career and family.

 Kelly is a wonderful coach, and the perfect person to approach if you have career/ relationship/ personal issues. I am sure anyone will benefit from a coaching session with you.

Sean, Singapore

As a coach, Kelly is authentic, caring, truly engaged and interested in opening up new pathways of potential. I felt safe in sharing and was often surprised at the depth of the coaching sessions, and how they were immediately applicable in my own life.

One of Kelly’s strengths is her commitment to her clients through asking just the right questions at the right time. The profound shifts from these moments are life changing!

Lara, Canada

I had the privilege of working with Kelly as my coach at the time I was seriously thinking of a career change. Kelly’s friendly disposition and ability to put me at ease during our first conversation kick-started a very genuine trust partnership.

Kelly possesses many attributes necessary to be a professional coach: she has a good foundation in coaching and does not deviate from what she has to do; she is very caring and responsive to my needs at every session. Kelly is focused and is able to help me meet my objectives in a very professional way.

Think empathy and Kelly comes to mind, Kelly is a coach who truly cares. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs a qualified and professional coach to move forward in his/her life.

Carol, Singapore

Kelly is someone I can truly be myself with and her coaching me has given me the courage to create the necessary actions in order for me to obtain my goals. She is also an amazing listener and very compassionate, which especially came through during our coaching sessions, as I’ve always felt heard and understood, which are fundamental qualities in order to trust the coaching process.

Through her insightful questioning and guidance in exploring additional truths and possibilities, Kelly has allowed me to see things from other perspectives, which has enabled me to let go of my belief systems that were holding me back. She’s offered many great techniques that have highlighted my talents and values, thus focusing on what is really important to me when I’ve taken the next steps in achieving my goals.

Loren, Italy

Kelly has been instrumental in my path towards setting and reaching my personal goals. She brought out the positive aspects within me, while holding me accountable and staying true to my values. She is genuine, warm, kind and inspiring. I count myself lucky to have had the opportunity to work with her.

Nathalia, Switzerland

Kelly has a very perceptive way of pointing out what my strengths are, when most of the time, I can see are my weaknesses. Because of Kelly, my self-esteem has much improved, and my anxiety has lessened dramatically. I am so grateful for all she has done and I will be telling everyone who wants to achieve more (and even those who don’t know they want to) about the difference coaching with her has made.

I am more confident than I have ever been. Thank you. You are a treasure and a rich blessing in my life.

Raine, Singapore

Kelly has recently met me and I have the pleasure to experience her coaching style: From her first-hand experience Kelly knows about the challenges of a woman handling family, children and career all at once while being exposed today’s fast paced environment.

A good listener and warm-hearted person Kelly creates a safe space for her clients to open up and to dive deep into what they want out of life. Her skills to guide, motivate and encourage clients to face their truth and embrace changes in ever so slightly steps that the world does not crumble yet moves into the desired direction. I can absolutely recommend Kelly.

Sabine, Switzerland

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