Kelly Campino Career Coaching

Coaching Packages


I offer a variety of packages of between 2 and 6 months of coaching support for your leadership & career development or career challenges. Your investment starts from $750USD and all packages include:


  • 30-minute initial consultation where you can share your goals, make sure we are the right fit to work together and discuss the best package or product to meet your needs.


  • Strong Interest Inventory assessment and report –identifies aspects of different careers and work preferences that are of most interest to you


  • VIA Character Strengths assessment and report – identifies your best qualities and allows us to develop strategies for applying your strengths to ultimately support you to thrive at work and in all areas of your life


  • Customised materials and resources – this includes exercises, worksheets and other resources to support your development and help you move towards your goals


  • Unlimited SMS and email access between sessions – for ongoing feedback and support with accountability and to regularly share your progress and successes


  • Short phone call between sessions – when you have a challenge you’d like to solve quickly or have exciting progress to share with me.


For a price list with more details about the packages, please send an email to and I’ll get it straight across to you.